The provision of advice in taxation matters, including international tax planning, is a key component of our practice, and it plays a key role in various transactions such as finance transactions, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border operations, as well as company establishment and group structuring and restructuring.

Recognizing the significance of providing comprehensive and efficient tax advice, the Firm’s accounting team continually strives to assess the current developments and international trends in relation to tax transparency, substance and value creation, and at the same time to optimally utilize the Cyprus double taxation treaty network and the existing tax advantages and benefits offered by the tax systems of various jurisdictions to obtain the most effective tax planning opportunities for its clients.

SMP CHATTERIS & CO LIMITED has extensive expertise in advising and assisting clients in attaining tax efficiency in international cross-border transactions and meet their financial and business objectives.

The Firm’s tax advisory services include:

Through the identification of efficient tax structuring routes and optimizing cross-border group structures, clients can achieve their business objectives. The professionals of our firm can advise not only on proposed but also on existing tax structures to optimise their efficiency. Also, our tax team provides advice on the tax aspects and consequences of any transaction.

Through the incorporation, maintenance and administration of companies and other accounting entities in Cyprus or on the international level.

Assisting for the implementation of any proposed local or cross border structure. Incorporation and maintenance of companies and other accounting entities in Cyprus or abroad. Provision of secretarial and administration services. Our firm is a one-stop shop offering all services related with the establishment, corporate and accounting administration, as well as liquidation and dissolution of companies.

Implementing restructurings and reorganizations, including local and cross-border mergers and advising on obtaining all tax benefits provided by the relevant legislation.

Advising in relation to the creation of substance in line with the current trends on the local and the international level including the BEPS action plans and the nexus approach, the setting up of fully-fledged offices and meeting the requirements of the local regulations, aligned with any applicable double tax treaties.

Provision of advice on any VAT, tax and accounting matter, including assistance with obtaining tax rulings. The provided tax advice and assistance can cover a wide range of areas including income tax considerations, special defence contribution, obtaining tax residency and the non-domiciled status as well as obtaining the benefits, exemptions and deductions offered by the Cyprus tax legislation.

Provision of advice in relation to the transfer pricing requirements including assistance for obtaining any necessary transfer pricing study. Provision of accounting advice and accounting representation in relation to any matter within our practice areas.

SMP CHATTERIS & CO LIMITED has an established reputation as one of the leading accounting firms in the field of tax planning, but above all it is an internationally renowned accounting practice that aims at meeting any expectations of both institutional and private equity clients.

The Firm offers continuous advice from the Cyprus accounting perspective on various tax matters to a number of large international accounting firms but also to high net worth individual clients. To ensure the utmost satisfaction of clients, the Firm additionally maintains professional corporate and accounting/bookkeeping departments, and close associations with expert audit firms thereby allowing their clients to receive the full spectrum of services in accordance with their individual needs.

Furthermore, the Firm provides comprehensive corporate and accounting services, such as the incorporation and maintenance of accounting entities, company secretarial services, the setting up and administration of Cyprus international trusts, re-domiciliation of companies in or out of Cyprus, accounting and financial reporting, VAT and VIES registration and administration, payroll processing and administration, to a variety of clients in Cyprus and overseas.

SMP CHATTERIS & CO LIMITED was selected to become the sole member for Cyprus of ‘AITC’ – Association of International Tax Consultants, an Internet-based network of independent corporate and tax professionals located in financially important centers around the world. Membership of AITC is by invitation only to firms that have the highest standards of professional competence and integrity. Through their association with AITC, SMP CHATTERIS & CO LIMITED provides swift and accurate advice to clients regarding aspects of their local and international business arrangements, aimed at minimizing taxes through carefully controlled management of corporate and personal structures.